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Che-hyun Kim

Che-hyun Kim
Investment Manager 팀장

Kim Che-hyun began working at Stonebridge Capital as an analyst in January 2016 and is now an investment manager. He is in charge of both industrial and corporate analysis along with investment. Prior to Stonebridge, Mr. Kim worked at Nexcon Technology’s Planning and Coordination Office and TFT department from 2013 to 2015 as an administrative professional. He worked with PEF portfolio management team under Unison capital, a global private equity firm, supporting projects related to new business strategies, long and midterm business projections, cost innovatio, as well as multiple FI/SI due diligence projects.

Before working at Nexcon Technology, Mr. Kim founded and administrated a TCM company that provides ad-platforms in China. He has also interned at Bain & Company as a research analyst.

Mr. Kim majored in International Politics and Law at Fudan University, Shanghai.

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