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Venture Capital 

Founded in 2017 as a spin-off from Stonebridge Capital's venture capital investing arm, Stonebridge Ventures is based in Seoul, Korea. We invest in seed to late-stage technology companies across the consumer, enterprise, bio/healthcare,

and fintech spaces. Stonebridge Ventures has AUM KRW 600B across multiple funds.

The Venture Capital
True to Principle

Stonebridge Ventures is dedicated to the true purpose and role of a venture capital firm. We inject funds in early-stage firms and help them establish their growth momentum. We believe that our Smart Money Principle will eventually stimulate the venture capital ecosystem in Korea.

Staged Financing
Staged Financing

Stonebridge Ventures believes in staged investment. We set milestones for firms depending on their growth stage and provide incremental financing as they arrive at each milestone. Such progressive investment allows Stonebridge to diversify seed investment risks and incentivize business and product development.

Value Add
Value Add Strategies

Stonebridge Ventures creates value for portfolio companies not only through capital investment but also through various support and guidance which help them build competitive edges. Our all-round support is the keystone for our outstanding performance from early-stage start-up investments.

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