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Venture Capital

Industry : 

SW (Machine Learning PaaS)

Investment Year : 


Investment Type : 

Early Stage (Series A)

“Make AI Accessible” : Reducing the complexity and difficulty of Machine Learning prototyping, learning and services and eliminating unnecessary efforts such as building large-scale servers, allocating and ...

Lablup is a Machine Learning tech-based company founded by POSTECH and KAIST engineers and its mission is to solve speed imbalance between modern scientific research and application fields, by proposing new paradigms for computing-based research via cloud computing and AI technologies. In November 2017, Lablup officially released its first product ‘Backend.AI’ which is a sophisticated PaaS that simplifies, unifies and accelerates processes which enable users to train ML models and execute code on cloud or on-premises with ease.

Stonebridge Ventures invested in Lablup at the early stage of the company with Kakao Venutres(Previously, K-Cube Ventures) and actively supported Lablup by bridging networks with other startup companies and recommending professional workforce.

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