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Stonebridge Capital’s ESG Policy

Our Purpose

Stonebridge Capital (hereinafter referred to as the “firm”) aims to maximize financial return for our investors, and environmental and social values for our stakeholders. In addition, we seek to promote sustainable growth of our employees, investors, business partners, and even the wider community by integrating the responsible investment principles into our day-to-day operations and investment process. 

Responsible Investment Strategies


We seek to create both financial and non-financial values for portfolio companies and adopt responsible investment strategies in the investment process. Our main strategies are negative screening, ESG integration, and corporate engagement and shareholder actions. Additionally, sustainability-themed investing can be adopted to comply with fund agreements/articles or address the needs of the limited partners.

ESG Governance

To promote the effective implementation of responsible investment, Stonebridge Capital has formed organizational units dedicated to the ESG Governance. The ESG Committee, a decision-making body chaired by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is responsible for policy-making, management, and supervision of the firm’s responsible investment activities. In addition, the ESG Team was organized to facilitate ESG integration throughout the firm. The responsibility of the team extends to providing ESG due diligence reviews and strengthening internal ESG capacity.

ESG Management Process

Stonebridge Capital integrates and practices responsible investment principles throughout the deal cycle: from deal sourcing, deal evaluation to investment decision, fund ownership Period to exit.

  • In the deal sourcing phase, the initial screening of the target companies is carried out through negative screening

  • In the deal evaluation phase, ESG risks and opportunities of the target companies are identified through ESG Checklist and ESG due diligence. Besides, company-specific ESG tasks are set

  • Throughout the fund ownership period, we support our portfolio companies with the implementation of ESG tasks derived from ESG due diligence and endeavor to practice the principles of responsible investment

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