Stonebridge Capital split off from IMM Investment in 2008 as an independent investment firm specializing in alternatives. Since then for the past twelve years, Stonebridge Capital has expanded its investment coverage, not only in venture capital but also in private equity. At the end of 2015, its AUM was about KRW 1.1 trillion.


Stonebridge Capital’s most remarkable track record yet to date is from 2012 when the fund raised KRW 818billion that invested in SK Incheon Petrochem. National Pension Services and KDB were major limited partners in the fund. Leveraging this distinguished record, Stonebridge Capital is on its way to expand and lead the South Korean private equity market.


Experts of Stonebridge Capital have established and managed 10 funds in total, each of which has produced steady investment performance, only possible through the management's industry expertise and thorough risk control management.


Specializing in Venture Capital  & Private Equity Fund Management



Since 2008

Stonebridge Capital began in 2008 with 5 funds (AUM KRW 118 billion)* when it split off from IMM Investment Corporation. However, Stonebridge Capital quickly earned recognition from major LPs, such as Pension Funds and Financial Investors, for its superior deal sourcing capability and successful track record.


Closed KIF-Stonebridge Innovation Technology Growth TCB  Venture Fund (KRW 76.5BN)

Closed IBK-Stonebridge Innovation Growth PEF (KRW 126.5 BN)

Stonebridge Korea Unicorn Venture Fund 2nd Closing (KRW 105.0 BN)


Stonbridge Young Frontier Venture Fund Second Closing (KRW 42.5 BN)
Raised KB-Stonebridge Secondary Fund(KRW 255 BN)


Stonbridge Step Stone Fund (KRW 40 BN)

Stonbridge Young Frontier Venture Fund (KRW 34.5 BN)
Stonbridge Opportunity Fund (KRW 17.1 BN)

Established Stonebridge Ventures, a spin off from Stonebridge Capital (KRW 7.3 BN)


Healthcare Fund (KRW 167 BN)
Stonebridge FG Overseas Infrastructure No.1 Private Equity Fund (KRW 111 BN)
2015 KIF-Stonebridge IT Fund (KRW 60 BN)


Stonebridge-Digital Ad PEF (KRW 39 BN)
Stonebridge Innovation Quarter Fund (KRW 31 BN)
Stonebridge-Credian Plasma PEF (KRW 76.3 BN)


Future Creation Naver-Stonebridge Early Stage Start-up Fund (KRW 25 BN)


Designated GP of KOGAS Global Investment Fund(KRW 400 BN)


Shinhan Stonebridge PEF (KRW 818 BN)
Reduction capital on cash payment (Capital KRW 8.9 BN)
Stonebridge Drama Fund (KRW 14.5 BN)


SP 1 PEF (KRW 15.3 BN)


Stonebridge New Growth Fund (KRW 30 BN)

2010 KIF-Stonebridge IT Venture Fund (KRW 33.7 BN)


Stonebridge Dressden PEF (KRW 14.1 BN)
Stonebridge Early Stage Fund (KRW 11 BN)
Venture Capital Company license registered (SMBA)*
Paid-in Capital Increase (Capital KRW 14 BN)
Registered as CEC(MOSF)*


Founded Stonebridge Capital by splitting from IMM Investment (Capital KRW 7 BN)

The Best Alternative Investment Firm in Asia

Long-term Investment

We refuse to participate in any short term bets or manipulative activities that damage corporate value, and seek to invest for periods sufficient for our portfolio companies to realize their true growth potentials.

Intrinsic Value Investment

We thoroughly analyze the growth potential and intrinsic value of our target companies, and add value through discreet investment decisions and corporate enhancement methodology.

Value Add Management

We monitor how key personnels are recruited, employee incentive structure, and cash flow of target companies to make sure our portfolio companies are managed transparently.